Lovarchy Icons

"LOVARCHY" refers to the ordering of things by love, or "love is the most powerful force in the universe guiding creation". It can also mean the essential unity of Love & Anarchy.
(monARCHY=rule by one; hierARCHY=levels of authority in a power-structure; patriARCHY & matriARCHY are the domination of one gender over the other in general cultural norms, anARCHY=self-rule/anti-hierarchy/autoarchy, etc. )

MORE Than Simply Anarchy With A Heart?
These two words, when separate can lead to many phenomena, such as a film festival, or pagan blessings, or cruelty,
or other {DEFINITELY off-topic} misconceived notable versions of... Love & Anarchy which is totally NOT the 1973 Lina Wertmuller Italian movie!
(But Isn't That The Truly Competitive Porno-Deutscher-Graphic LUVarchy?)

"DOMINATION SYSTEM" is a term describing the basic fear-based mentality and practice whereby one individual (or group/segment) controls a different individual (or group/segment), or worse, one group/segment controlling ALL other groups/individuals in the context of society. The domination system is all-too-common in human societies, but should be an unnecessary practice, since adult humans have the capacity to live and relate to each other on a more egalitarian basis--without the need to control other peers.

When acting in their elemental best form, HUMANS have 4 traits distinguishing them from non-humans:
  1. creating and/or perpetuating different kinds of social/cultural structures and institutions that live beyond the specific lives of the individuals involved
  2. a particular ability to RAPIDLY control the environment,
  3. special pathologies even in the realm of technological manipulation that can bring complete annihilation.
  4. intentional hyper-concientious divine connections to facilitate miracles to purposely benefit other creatures and species.

On an individual basis, one can remove oneself from society and practice the 4 traits above, but humans are social creatures, so they (we) tend to operate BEST in social contexts, and can create many systems to practice. In contrast to any domination system, permaculture, lovearchy, mutual aid, etc. are NON-dominative, and apparently happier and more sustainable systems which utilize the unique great abilities of the human species to organize and consolidate resources for the betterment of as many creatures as possible, without violence or coercion.

See Anarchist Dogma From Religious Texts in opposition to the domination system.