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Here's a listing of the tapes currently available as part of the CWKR network:

Family Spirit Walk & Indigenous People's Weekend, 2002 = tapes #S-1, #S-2 #S-3, #S-4, FSW #1, FSW #2
(ABOUT 5.5 HOURS) Complete recordings from the events. A mixdown is available above.

Shundahai #1 = "Military Toxics Project & IDUST" (approx. 55 minutes)
INTERVIEWS & PRESENTATIONS: Tara Thornton & Wilbur Slokish, Laura Hunter & Noella Ramos, Catherine Blossom, Wilbur again, Marquita Bradshaw. Followed by Damacio Lopez on the International Depleted Uranium Study Team (IDUST)

Shundahai #2 = "IDUST & New Mexico Issues: BILINGUAL" (approx. 40 minutes)
PRESENTATIONS & INTERVIEWS & MUSIC: Damacio Lopez continues re: International Depleted Uranium Study Team (IDUST), Maureen plays a song about Sept-11, Maria Santelli & Maureen speak and Cecilia interprets.

Shundahai #3 = "Opening Talks" (approx. 28 minutes)
PRESENTATIONS: Chief Raymond Yowell, Milton Martinez, Margene Bullcreek

Shundahai #4 = "Indigenous People's Forum" (approx. 50 minutes)
PRESENTATIONS: Catherine Blossom & her song, Chief Raymond Yowell of the Western Shoshone Nation, Kathy Sanchez, J. Gilbert Sanchez, Corinne Sanchez, and Clarence Clearwater

Shundahai #5 = "Family Spirit Walkers @ Peace Camp" (approx. 40 minutes)
INTERVIEWS: Jeff McKenzie & Gerti Oelemack, Marieke Van Coppenole, Scott, Daniel Jameson, Craig Stehr

FSW #1 = "Family Spirit Walk " (approx. 59 minutes)
Live Radio Interviews on KGLP from 25 August 2002; NoMoreNucs Norb, Daniel J., & Jeff McK.

FSW #2 = "Family Spirit Walk " (approx. 59 minutes)
Radio program recorded throughout the FSW; Gilbert S., Aelfgifu, Gabbi, Kevin, Susi, Etta

In The Milky Way = tapes #M-1, #M-2 #M-3, #M-4, #M-5
(3 HOURS total) A SERIES OF READINGS by Stan Renfro's from other authors, as listed below.

MILKYWAY #1 = "The Beautiful Success of Nonviolence" (36 minutes)
~~~Excerpts from book (A Force More Powerful--a Century of Nonviolent Conflict) by:
Peter Ackerman & Jack Duvall, published by Polgrave Publishers (c)2000
and an excerpt from the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREP) newsletter from 17 December 2001

MILKYWAY #2 = "Radical Gandhian Philosophy" (29 minutes)
~~~EXCERPTS of book ( Gandhi: A Very Short Introduction ) by:
Bhikhu Tarkah, published by Oxford University Press 1997

MILKYWAY #3 = "Thoreau's Attitude" (33 minutes)
~~~Excerpts from Walking by:
Henry David Thoreau and
~~~Excerpts from "America Must Reject Excessive Consumption, Embrace New Values" by:
Maria Ivanova, from the Yale Daily News, published 1 Jan 2002

MILKYWAY #4 = "John Muir's Attitude" (29 minutes)
~~~Reading of "Sequoia" by:
Edwin Way Teale, from The Wilderness World of John Muir
published by Houghton Mifflin Co. 1976

MILKYWAY #5 = "Wake Up To Gaia!" (11 minutes)
~~~An article (from Culture Change Magazine, Fall 2001) by:
Susan Meeker Lowry

MILKYWAY #6 = "Christmas Ala Tolstoy" (24 minutes)
~~~A story (Esarhaddon, King of Assyria) by:
Leo Tosltoy, from Walk In the Light: 23 Tales by Plough Publishing, 1928, translated from Russian by Louise & Alymer Maude

Catholic Worker Kommunity Radio via KGLP in Gallup, NM Presents a 30 minute piece you can download:
Dorothy Stories

To get any of these cassettes (OR perhaps even CDs or maybe DVDs) for use on your community radio station, write to:
c/o Trinity Nuclear Abolitionists
POBox 2448
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