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In the spirit of Ammon Hennacy, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of his birth,
several people will be fasting, picketing, and praying for peace and nuclear disarmament
this July and August, 2013.

Marcus was a hunger-striker in 2012 . Pam was a hunger-striker in 2012 . Mingsan Lai fasted for a day and held vigil at Nellis AFB Zack is on a vision quest and PEACEwork is the ultimate goal... . Mikey Ammon Harvell's doing a day of fasting for peace.

Schedule for Public Demonstrations During the Peace Fast:
24 July : 3 picketers @ Trident Sub Base, Kitsap County, WA
27 July : 15 Interfaith Peace Walkers in the streets of, Portland, OR
29 July : 2 picketers @ Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, NV
1 August: Albuquerque, NM @ Kirtland Air Force Base @7AM
5 August: Los Alamos, NM @ LANL
6 August: Livermore, CA LLNL

Alaric triggered the hunger-strike in 2012

WHY DO THIS Peace-Fasting?
In 2011 following a prayer-action for nuclear abolition, Mother Nature inspired the Los Alamos nuclear weapons programs to shut down for a week. In 2012 two nuclear abolitionist friends of TNA (and a third prayer-activist) successfully inspired the Oak Ridge nuclear weapons compound to peacefully shut itself down for two weeks. In 2013 we pray for any or all nuclear weapons establishments to similarly voluntarily shut themselves down for three weeks. As Jesse Manibusan has reminded us, "now is the time, we are the ones, this is the place, walking the ways of peace!"

July 1: Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy begins the annual 40-day Peace Fast.
July 24: Marcus Pegasus Page-Collonge begins the 14-day Peace Fast.
July 27 to Aug 9: Peace Walk by Nipponzan Myohoji begins @ Portland, heading to Ground Zero
August 4: Pax Christi Santa Fe's annual "Ashes & Sackcloth" at LANL (and Ashley Pond) at 2pm
August 5: TNA's vigil @ LANL (Trinity & West Jemez) at 7am
August 6: Annual peace action by TVC @ LLNL at 8am (East & Vasco) for Hiroshima Day
August 9: TNA's vigil @ LLNL at 7am for Nagasaki Day
August 9: Peace Walk by Nipponzan Myohoji arrives at Kitsap/Bangor @ GZ
August 10: end of peace fast for some of the fasters

To paraphrase Utah Phillips:
Ammon Hennacy was a Catholic anarchist pacifist, vegetarian, draft resister in two world wars, tax refuser, one-person revolution in America--and that about covers it.
In 1949, on Thanksgiving Day Ammon Hennacy wrote:
LOVE without COURAGE and WISDOM is sentimentality,
as with the ordinary church member.
COURAGE without LOVE and WISDOM is foolhardiness,
as with the ordinary soldier.
WISDOM without LOVE and COURAGE is cowardice,
as with the ordinary intellectual.
Therefore one with LOVE, COURAGE, and WISDOM
is one in a million who moves the world,
as with JESUS, BUDDHA, and GANDHI.