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In 1957 Ammon Hennacy fasted for 12 days around Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days, because it had been 12 years since the nuclear bombs were detonated in New Mexico, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Likewise, in 1969 he tried to fast for 24 days, accounting for the 24 years. But in 1957, it stopped a nuclear detonation at the Nevada National Security Site.

Now, for the sake of global nuclear disarmament, there is an international fast (see red text below) in public, where dozens of civilians will be
fasting, picketing, and praying for peace and nuclear disarmament... this July and August, 2018.

You can hear more about ALL the global events for nuclear disarmament
here online.

Past Year's Peace Fasting Folks:
Miki's fasting 9 days in 2018 . . Jerry Maynard fasted one day in 2018.
Schedule for Public Demonstrations
During the 2021 Peace Fast:

August 1-9

Almighty Love,
Your elements of lightning, snow and sunlight,
come to all people, regardless of our intent and deeds.
As we attempt to follow the Gospel of Jesus,
in the tradition of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin,
we thank You for life itself.
Admitting that peace is your pleasure,
the gift You send us, we are happy to strive for justice,
through the Works of Mercy.
We know the souls of Dorothy and Peter,
can unite with us in prayer,
that our needs may be met, and our desires be fulfilled.
Grant this favor that we humbly ask through their intercession:


May their historic activities and faith inspire your people
to turn to Christ as a model of justice-making,
to see His face in our planet's poor folks,
and to raise all voices in joy for
Your cause: the reign of Love.
We ask this through
Christ our Savior.

From the International Statement (including France, Germany, New Zealand and Togo) of 2018 c.e. ...

Call of the international groups of fasters We demand nuclear disarmament!

We are groups of fasters who have decided to forego nourishment for at least 4 days, from August 6th, the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, until August 9th, the anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki, to express our total opposition to nuclear weapons, and to call for their complete abolition.
Never has determined popular protest against nuclear weapons been more necessarY. The world is fraught with tensions, as the US President tears up the nuclear agreement with Iran while pushing to increase US military spending to nearly $700 billion a year, greatly increasing the probability that hardliners in Iran will seek nuclear weapons for their country, possibly aped in turn by Saudi Arabia...
... the risk of nuclear attack is considered comparable to the most dramatic moments of the Cold War. 16,000 nuclear weapons are currently in active service, including 2,000 on alert.
At the same time, there are seeds of hope. The International Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, sponsor of our fast, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Just one year ago, a dramatic change in the dynamics of nuclear disarmament occurred, with a United Nations vote on 7th July 2017 in favour of a treaty banning nuclear weapons. 122 countries voted in favour of this treaty, scheduled to enter into force as soon as 50 countries ratify it. This gives a new momentum to the overwhelming majority of nations, civil society organizations, and ordinary citizens, who resolutely oppose the folly of nuclear weapons.



WHY DO THIS Peace-Fasting?
In 2011 following a prayer-action for nuclear abolition, Mother Nature inspired the Los Alamos nuclear weapons programs to shut down for a week. In 2012 two nuclear abolitionist friends of TNA (and a third prayer-activist) successfully inspired the Oak Ridge nuclear weapons compound to peacefully shut itself down for two weeks. In 2013 we prayed for any or all nuclear weapons establishments to similarly voluntarily shut themselves down for three weeks. As Jesse Manibusan has reminded us, "now is the time, we are the ones, this is the place, walking the ways of peace!"


55-Year Gap?
What happened in 1957 with the bomb?

2012 July 1: Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy begins the annual 40-day Peace Fast.
2012 July 24:
Marcus Pegasus Page-Collonge begins the 14-day Peace Fast.
2012 July 27 to Aug 9: Peace Walk by
Nipponzan Myohoji begins @ Portland, heading to Ground Zero
2012 August 4: Pax Christi Santa Fe's annual "Ashes & Sackcloth" at LANL (and Ashley Pond) at 2pm
2012 August 5: TNA's vigil @ LANL (Trinity & West Jemez) at 7am
2012 August 6: Annual peace action by
TVC @ LLNL at 8am (East & Vasco) for Hiroshima Day
2012 August 9: TNA's vigil @ LLNL at 7am for Nagasaki Day
2012 August 9: Peace Walk by
Nipponzan Myohoji arrives at Kitsap/Bangor @ GZ
2012 August 10: end of peace fast for some of the fasters

In 1949, on Thanksgiving Day Ammon Hennacy wrote:
LOVE without COURAGE and WISDOM is sentimentality,
as with the ordinary church member.
COURAGE without LOVE and WISDOM is foolhardiness,
as with the ordinary soldier.
WISDOM without LOVE and COURAGE is cowardice,
as with the ordinary intellectual.
Therefore one with LOVE, COURAGE, and WISDOM
is one in a million who moves the world,
as with JESUS, BUDDHA, and GANDHI.