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Where'd They Go?

In 2005, Lovarchy-Shalom Productions announced fiscal bankruptcy with moral solvency. No longer producing movies or radio programs, ONLY a few copies of the DVD remain in a four libraries on three continents. The hard-drive with the raw footage for A Peace of the Anarchy self-destructed, the original mother copy was damaged, and there are no plans for a final cut. In the pre-High-Def-Digi age, that mattered alot, making high-resolution copies hard to find now. In the legal realm, Pitzer College paid the final portion of the licensing fee to the nasty news corporation for the only known moving pictures of Ammon Hennacy [which is essential footage for THE ONLY MOVIE ever made about Ammon Hennacy]. This enabled Trinity Nuclear Abolitionists to legally distribute copies made from a second-hand salvaged copy of the rough cut for the sake of educational, domestic displays, under current U.S. law for 10 years (until 2014).

Lovarchy-Shalom finished A Peace of the Anarchy then disbanded in happy poverty.

Remember that...

"LOVEARCHY/LOVARCHY" means "a system of order flowing from LOVE" or "LOVE and ANARCHY together".

"SHALOM" means "the fullness of life" or "true powerful peace".

To obtain a copy of A PEACE OF THE ANARCHY, complete with Ammon's parents visualized on the disc, send a letter explaining your desires to:
c/o Dymphna Studio Művészet